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welcome to gumbyland

i'm bren, an artist & collector originally from southern california who now lives in oregon. i love my cats, and when i'm not hanging out with them i'm out looking for vintage collectible treasures. i collect vintage halloween items, toys, cards & comics, but my favorite has always been gumby. i have a large collection of gumby items i've acquired through the years, just click on the gumby collection link on the left to see my photos.

i also paint, write, make short films & collages for my own amusement and self expression. if you would like to see my artwork just click on the secret gallery link also on the left, there are three connected hallways there.

in the menu on the left are also links to my favorite websites, my blog & poetry, my gumby related sites and all kinds of stuff. the fun links and the gumby collection pages are kid friendly, the cool links and the secret gallery are not.

thanks for visiting!


gumbyland & the gallery are best viewed using firefox or google chrome browsers ~ essential music & other functions will be lost otherwise.. this loss will also occur with apple devices!

gumby items are generally not for sale.
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free games and cool prizes ~ just download the gumby's world app but watch out for dr. zveegee!
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here I am haunting one of portland’s pioneer cemeteries..

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second only to gumby, vintage halloween collectibles are closest to my heart. on the web i am known as ghost..

vintage toys
check out my toy blog ~
lost & found vintage toys..

this is me on ebay!