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lakeside superflex gumby & pokey toys with original shipping cases


lakeside superflex gumby toys from 1965


gumby superflex bendy by lakeside 1965 nos/moc

lakeside superflex pokey toys from 1965

lakeside superflex pokey moc/nos from 1965


gumby & pokey lakeside bendies


marx vintage pretty maid modern kitchen set
as seen in gumby's house in the episode 'robot rumpus'


rare early gumby toys including 1964 gtc gumby


vintage prema bendys

gumby goes to the sun 2007


signed by holly harman ~ thanks holly!


remco flying dutchman motorized car
(gumby's car in "even steven" & "hidden valley")


lakeside pokey riding sticks 1966


1966 electric drawing desk


eraserhead gumby lakeside


retro bendies & bandaids


newer bendies including many moods of gumby


retro pokeys 2007


vintage 1982 gumby for president t shirt


art clokey signed t shirt back


1965 astronaut costume


lime green bendy


easter bendies

vintage lakeside puppet


aurora pokey puppet 2003


vintage hand puppets


1966 montgomery ward ad


authorized biography


vintage gumby, kachina, totem pole & little hopi
charm / erasers


gumby circus book in box by holly harman


1967 lollypop-ups


original lakeside bendy & bitty 1965

jesco gumby bendy


jesco pokey bendy




pokey jack-in-the-box 1966




patches, pencil toppers, key chain & photo frame


1965 knight costume


photo from "robot rumpus" signed by art clokey
3d glasses & invitation from fao schwartz






1986 books by jane hyman


1986 books by jane hyman


the gumby board game


jeep & skateboard activity set


gumby & pokey vintage luggage set


ceramic pill boxes


bittys, pokey keychains & figures


castle in the clouds book & tape


gift bags


color by number


1984 tele-story book


mint book & tape


more tele-story books


1969 book & magnet


gumby & pokey go to the bank




coffee mug


pokey t-shirt & bendies


robot costume




cracked magazine featuring gumby & 3d comic


dvds with friends davey & goliath with nodders


davey & goliath buttons, magnets & keychains


davey & goliath & family (the hansons) bendies


davey & goliath figures 2004


books & finger puppets


davey & dad


mom & sally


davey & goliath lunchbox 2003


davey & goliath keychain


davey & goliath coloring books


talking davey & vhs tapes


socks & magnets etc.


freeze pops


3d comics


more comics


3d comic & checkbook cover


3d comic, bittys, puffy stickers & party favors


articles, pens, stamp pad set, watch,
keychains & air freshener


birthday card


at the beach poster


newer t-shirts


gumby chocolate mold


meteor park poster


stationery, journal & notecards


movie poster signed by art clokey with certificate


16mm film "ferris wheel mystery




tiny gumbys & pokeys


1965 cowboy costume


1965 lakeside fireman adventure costume


topps' "scumby" wacky pack card


book & plush toy


claymates banner & plush toys


1983 t-shirt


80's plush bendies


big bendies


blockhead bendies


fuzzy dice


1967 lakeside coin case


lakeside gumby roller & pokey wind-up toys




watch and 1986 pokey charm


frosted cheerios & stickers etc.


talking gumby & pokey


paratrooper gumby


bittys, bittys, bittys !


buttons, pins & viewmaster reels


bumper stickers & fan club stuff


shrinky dinks




gumby soakie


clayboys bendies


brach's ad


gum dinger adventures


comic book ads


construction worker gumby


western outfits


2002 fan club kit & bitty figures


cupid gumby


2002 beanies


gumby plush keychain


ceramic teapot




1980's halloween costume




family home entertainment videos


flag t-shirt & bendies


animation cel with certificate & auto decal


miniature tin lunchbox




2002 keychains


more keychains


tin sign


firefighter outfits




space outfits




ceramic salt & pepper shakers


rocker outfits


old gumby t-shirt & bendies




promo trading cards


2003 ceramic magnets


jumbo ceramic cocoa mug


1988 kids meal prizes


bk gumby


doctor outfit


ninja playset


dvd & bendy set


gumby's friends tillie, denali & lowbelly


trendmasters figures MIP


gumby & pokey ring


ceramic bank


address labels, bitty & bendy


lakeside jeep & original bendies








vintage moody rudy expressaflex toy


moody rudy mint in box


lakeside moody rudy on card


bump 'n 'go car


racer playset


overnight case & toothbrush


giant plush toys, bendies, t-shirt & lanyard


gift bags


2002 gumby's colors book by holly harman & wacky wobbler


2002 pokey counts book by holly harman




1967 lakeside gumby puzzles


gumby easel & lorimar promo pack




xmas plush


ceramic cookie jar






1988 gumby calendar


by holly harman


pokey t-shirt


1987 blockhead keychain




activity discs, gummy gumby & pokey wrapper


t-shirt & sticker packs




western outfits


little chef vintage tin toy stove really works!
(as seen in original gumby adventures like baker's tour, in the dough & egg trouble)


t-shirt & bendies




talking gumby, plush & video




gumby vs. the astrobots


pokey racehorse


glow gumby & friends & dvd




1985 gumby game mip


2003 t-shirt


2003 puppet plush


gumby dharma dvd, gummy gumby candy & flash drive




more bendies


1980's tambourine & paddleball


1988 gumby pinball


newer bendies


1968 moc lakeside gumbitty


promo comic stuff


stickers, antenna topper & air freshener


sticker & button


gumby switch plate


gumby figures


vintage superflex bitties & bendies


gumby fans & t-shirt


original lakeside pokey


playful trails game


wax gumby candy


gumby bottle opener


2006 comic & comicon cards


new comic # 2


comic # 2 variant


free comic day 2007


gumby comic # 3


gumby comic collection # 1


wild west book & tape




davey & goliath lost episodes dvd


tall skinny gumby lighter


gumby & pokey dog toys


1984 prema gumby clip


gumby plush dog toy


pokey comic #1


2017 comic books promo poster by papercutz


2017 comic shop news article w/ jeff whitman of papercutz


2017 comic book #1 including jeff whitman signed copy


2017 comic book #2 including jeff whitman signed copy


2017 comic book #3


50 shades of clay graphic novel


vintage jesco paint set


western gumby bendable


limited edition bendy toys


1968 lakeside gumby charms


vintage whitman coloring book


vintage whitman coloring book


vintage whitman coloring book 1969


whitman coloring book


1968 whitman gumby and pokey sticker fun


vintage whitman dot to dot book


gumby ring toy


vintage tiny ring gumbys


gumby putty toy


vintage whitman paint with water book


lakeside gumby & pokey puzzle 1966


gumby party loot bags


antique glass xmas ornament

collectibles including nitelite & fleer bubblegum topper


prickle plush toy


gumby and pokey soaps


gumby kubrick figures


more kubricks


gumby kubrick series 2


gumby kubrick cartons


western gumby kubrick


50th anniversary gumby bendy


gumby arctic antics dvd


remastered 50's episodes dvds


remastered 60's episodes dvds


pokey 2016 bendy


remastered 60's episodes dvds #2


remastered 80's episodes dvds


gumby the movie remastered blueray & dvd


the world's smallest gumby & pokey bendies 2017


vintage tiny gumby coin machine prize


vintage tiny gumby coin machine prize


tiny trendmasters figure


lakeside gumby pencil holder


lakeside pokey pencil holder


vintage pop culture catalog


bubble blower


musical sheriff


funko pop


stretch gumby toy 2017


stretch pokey toy 2017


worlds smallest stretch gumby


collector's edition superflex set


gumby imagined 2017 book


gumby's world collector cards 2017


gumby's world collector card set 2 foils


lenticular postcard gumby's world prize


gumby's world prize sticker pack


gumby stickers


in toon animation magazine 1993


a gumby gift


applause mini plush


gumby halloween card
(sally kimmel photography)


(thanks sally!)


sally kimmel bookmarks


tiny gumby stickers (thanks sally!)


friendship buttons - (thanks again sally!)


mini pin




mini game


gumby poseable plush 2020


wall graphic gumby's world prize


newer bendies gumby's world prizes


nj croce bendables


gumby's world prize box


gumby collectible pins


vampire pin


prickle pin
(thanks again sally!)


gumby fun lot with telephone


gumby sticker from japan


gumby magnets 1982


mini gumby game (thanks always sally!)


small graphics


gumby fizzie dust bath bomb powder


gumby baby onesie


papco vintage gumby knock-offs


gumby girls minis


gumby socks


collector's edition 60th anniversary bendy





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